Why it’s important to create a web presence. In today’s business world almost everyone who would like to be successful has a website or online profile of some sort. Handing someone a business card or a job application that doesn’t include a website is similar to handing them a empty little bit of paper. 2. Important website assets to have.

The very first thing you have to do is create the website which is done through a variety of means. For solely personal websites you can make it yourself provided you know the proper coding and software needed or you can have someone else design it for you.

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There is a big amount of free services out there that allows you to make your own website under their large domains or you pay a hosting charge and have your own URL. Both options have their ups and downs but in the end either will continue to work to create a web existence. When making your own website, make sure to have a smart design.

Don’t try to have too much stuff crammed on the front page but be sure you get a message across. One good header that tells the audience what your site is approximately will do to hook them in and keep them around for awhile much longer. 3. Basic website SEO. Once you become your website set-up you need to work with something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This allows the various search engines to catalog and index your website predicated on keywords and other criteria. The most basic form of SEO is just to be sure you use keyword rich text on your website that says precisely what you are about, this may go a long way to create a web presence. This may include a long or brief description on the homepage, using META tags for links and pictures and making sure you have a page of your website properly labeled.

These basic things are vital to further success as without them it is an uphill fight from here on. 4. Getting your website out there. Once you’ve the fundamentals down, it’s time to put your website out there through various marketing ways to create a website. The easiest way is to become a reliable member of a genre-specific discussion board. This implies finding a forum that pertains to your website and post a few times a day but ensure that your posts are relevant and don’t try to press your site.

Simply have your website in your personal and occasionally mention it if it’s highly relevant to the post. Building small neighborhoods like this is important to get residual traffic to your website. When you have a little money to spend you can also pay for some advertising such as PPC ads and other things but the goal is to create solely organic traffic, the key to create a web presence. You can also send your URL to various web directories; these are everywhere and often are free and incredibly easy to get entry into.

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