I have always experienced a love for makeup and also have 18 many years of experience as a specialist Makeup Artist. I have set up a reputation for perfect makeup application, focusing on glam, photographic makeup and education. I provide makeup for anyone which range from celebrities to a natural bride. I use only the best quality products to ensure your makeup is photo-ready for your personal day or event. Educating others on proper makeup technique and program has become yet another interest of mine as I love to help others feel their most confident and beautiful personal. Whether you’d like to book a makeup lesson, a makeup program or want to shop my products, I request you to a satisfying and artistic experience.

I have only used this once and i haven’t used it since because i had been so horrified that i returned straight away to my trusty Lancome hypnose wp mascara (my holy grail). I cannot say much about it’s lash lengthening results because i haven’t used it long enough to see that. However, these are just my opinion on this mascara therefore what fails for me might work for you although this mascara only scored a 2.9/5.0 on makeupalley. This is a waste of my £10, dissapointing product from Revlon my precious drugstore makeup brand.

People will always be inspired by whatever is aesthetically satisfying, beautiful, etc pretty. Ladies in particular are inspired by that natural beauty, mystique and allure that the French know as ‘je ne sais quoi’. What is ‘je ne sais quois’ exactly? Well, the dictory describes it as an: “intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive”.

I often wonder by the wealthy and aristocractic have this allure? AND, Just how do French women know how to route it so well? We live in a society that is overcome by trends, whats ‘in’ and what ‘sells’. I believe that lots of people in seeking the ultimate beauty, over-do it. Plastic Survery, botox, locks extentions and everything else that is ‘false’ has overtaken our vision of what’s beautiful. I see simplicity, natural beauty, colors that harmonize, a sensual yet innocent appeal.

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I believe that the designer who captured this woman knew about color harmony and wanted to express that natural remove and beauty that this female has ‘naturally’. Reading about style, of women who are aristocratic particularily, there is a common theme of the look that is elegant, attractive and sophisticated.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this or not, but aristocratic and very well put together women always appear to have that natural and elegant makeup look. The colours they wear suit and harmonize them, the application is feminine and alluring, the over-all effect is ‘natural elegance’. French women know how to channel this same elegance.

They know that the most attractive look is natural, sensual with the slightest hint of tomboyish charm. Their makeup is never over-done, only perhaps a bit more described and smokey for evening. I really like the classic softness that woman possesses – her makeup is elegant, her accessories are simple yet classic and her hair is pulled back and well-groomed.

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