Bootstrap is typically the most popular front-end platform for developing websites and web applications. Bootstrap may help you create a reactive, mobile-first website and easily quickly. PHP is a very popular scripting language among developers to make dynamic content. It really is a free of charge-server-side vocabulary that can interact with many database dialects like MySQL and is very simple to learn and begin with. How Can I Use Bootstrap with PHP?

Let’s see an example to learn Bootstrap with PHP. Build a document index.php. Inside the HTML code, the PHP code is written between your opening and shutting PHP tags. Whenever a PHP file has been executed the statements in the PHP file is processed and then discarded. If the PHP code produces a result, such as a message to the user, then your code is replaced by the output and the internet browser only sees the result that the PHP code produces.

What will be the prerequisites? First, you must have Bootstrap installed on your local computer. If you are using CDN, that’s fine too. The next thing you will need is a text message editor like Sublime, atom, or notepad will work just fine even. Then you need a server to be able to run the PHP files.

You may use your own computer as a server by setting up local machines like XAMPP or WAMPServer to run the PHP code. Produce a folder for assembling your project on the neighborhood server and add the Bootstrap files in the folder. Next, create an index.php document to start creating your Bootstrap website with PHP. Create a fresh folder with an expansion .php. Write the HTML markup you need to include the CSS and JS file for Bootstrap.

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