12.5million. Today into a generic e-commerce website Flipkart initially started with selling books online but has diversified, selling CDs/DVDs, mobile electronics, and phones. The procedures team handles Supply chain management; from procurement to warehouse customer and management support. Flipkart has a network of 500 plus distributors, and only stocks frequently ordered items. Items with low demand elasticity fast offering items that have an extended shelf life are maintained in inventory.

Whereas items with low and unstable demand are procured once the customers place the order. Flipkart has & major warehouse spread across the Metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai and in the populous towns of Pune, Bangalore, and Noida. They have smaller regional distribution centers at over 500 locations further.

The company has tie-ups with an increase of than 15 courier companies like Blue Dart, Flight etc First. To provide their products and Indian post for areas where the couriers do not reach. Flipkart uses a Continuous review model. The inventory shares are replenished when the inventory levels reach Reorder point (ROP). The business utilizes first in first out(FIFO) method for its inventory management. Beneath the FIFO method, shipment request is sent to a specific warehouse where in fact the oldest inventory items are shipped first. This model is practical for electronics since technology becomes obsolete rapidly. Flipkart uses sales to forecast the known levels of inventory.

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The warehouses are divided into multiple parts such as inventory, packaging, shipping etc. Stocks are replenished every 24-48 hours and in the back end of the business documents details of all the transactions. The business has partnered with postal companies for order tracking and reconciliation, Thus the client is updated about the continuing state of his order via email, website, or text messages. If the merchandise must be returned, it is done effectively and efficiently due to the companies’ partnership with the courier companies. In the full case of electronics, guarantee, and after sales service is exclusively the producer’s responsibility but Flipkart helps discussion between customer and supplier.

Sales identification ideals could be either quantities or people, or a mixture of both. Today’s day should be used if no value is provided for the sale time. 6. Examine the framework of the DONATIONS table. 10.00 will automatically be inserted. The DONATIONS table currently contains NO records. Which statement is true? You need to use the ADD OR REPLACE option to attain these results. You must drop and recreate the DONATIONS table to achieve these results.

Both changes can be accomplished with one ALTER TABLE statement. 7. Which command would you use to quickly remove all data from the rows in a desk without deleting the desk itself? HIST desk. You intend to release the space for storage, but do not need to remove the table framework. Which statement should you use? 9. The FLASHBACK QUERY statement can restore data back again to a point with time prior to the last COMMIT.

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