Know your customers to learn your business! That’s Easier said than done. But a very important factor is for certain in today’s dynamically changing Retail industry that the original monolith business models and sections can’t be taken for granted. Technology has empowered the clients and exposed the retails industry beyond any right time, manner or place in which customer shops. Similarly it brings a huge probability for the industry for engagement but on the other hand each advance is technology creates new dynamics and challenges with techniques never known before.

The Simpsons: It reminds me of the event where Lisa joins a spelling bee. The subplot was Homer becomes enthusiastic about the ribwich sandwich at Krusty Burger and went on tour with it. BBQ: On Sun. Sept. 18, 2016, I then visited my work’s BBQ and had a burger and a hotdog without a bun. I acquired 2 burgers and a hotdog for home also.

Sept. 25, 2016 Fall 2016 TV season: This is the Cole’s records version from it. From Sept. 19, 2016-Sept. 24, 2016, I had been watching each one of these new TV shows that debuted. I’d say all the shows are average. Night and was undecided I saw The Exorcist last. I’ve seen the movie never. Then I considered it even more and thought I should record all the episodes and watch it one week in Oct. You know, to find yourself in the Halloween mood. I’m sure a few of you men are laughing at this part.

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Didja know that is how Charlie Chaplin got his begin in show business? As a young child, he became a member of a ‘clogging’ troupe that traveled over the UK. That thar’s sum purdy stoopid stuff! I think any logical person could figure out that to fish in the Ohio River while in Kentucky, you have to have an Indiana angling permit because all the seafood are natives of Indiana.

Load test- Determines the throughput necessary to support the expected peak production insert. Determines the adequacy of the hardware environment. Evaluates the adequacy of lots balancer. Detects features errors under weight. Collects data for scalability and capacity-planning purposes. Really helps to regulate how many users the application are designed for before performance is jeopardized.

Helps to regulate how much weight the hardware are designed for before resource utilization limitations are exceeded. Is not designed to focus on speed of response primarily. Results should only be used for comparison with other related load tests. Stress test- Determines if data can be corrupted by overstressing the machine. Provides an estimate of how far beyond the prospective load a credit card applicatoin can go before leading to failures and errors in addition to slowness. Gives you to establish application-monitoring causes to alert of impending failures.

Ensures that security vulnerabilities aren’t opened up by nerve-racking conditions. Determines the comparative side ramifications of common hardware or assisting application failures. Helps to determine what kinds of failures are most valuable to arrange for. Because stress checks are unrealistic by design, some stakeholders might dismiss test outcomes. It is often difficult to learn how much stress will probably be worth applying. It is possible to cause application and/or network failures that may result in significant disruption if not isolated to the test environment. Capacity test- Provides information about how workload can be dealt with to meet business requirements. Provides actual data that capacity organizers may use to validate or improve their models and/or predictions.

Enables one to conduct various testing to compare capacity-planning models and/or predictions. Determines the current usage and capacity of the existing system to aid in capacity planning. Capacity model validation tests are complex to make. Not all areas of a capacity-planning model can be validated through testing at a time when those aspects would provide the most value.

This article is dedicated in gratitude to Trevor Eissler, Montessori Dad and author of Montessori Madness, the best intro and overview of Montessori available today (in my own humble opinion). Thank you Trevor, for teaching me to accept and cultivate my interest as a Montessori Dad. They are not the only three, just those that emerged in my head as I composed this post together. You will find dozens more, but Kate asked for an article/blog post, not just a treatise, and she actually is my friend, therefore i listen to her.

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