To an investor, the month of July might have been a boring month the. Currency markets were quite “quiet”, month trading volume has been low the whole. Many blamed it on the football world cup. Personally I don’t brain a month such as this. STI has been ripping higher amid the reduced trading volume gradually.

Throughout the whole month, STI moved up 152.19 points, or 5.37%. My stock portfolio transferred inline with STI almost, 6 up.25%. The bigger percentage was due to new investment. I participated in DBS script dividend system, exercise warrants of Metro, and topped up Noble Group. No other dividend except DBS was received this month. Below are the very best 30 holdings as at 30 Jul 2010. There is hardly any change except Noble replaced SMRT, due to new purchase of the shares.

  • Have strategies for the future that are obvious and make sense
  • Know that carry markets regularly tempt investors to wade back in
  • 8- Dollar-cost average
  • Structure your loans correctly and deduct the interest

Like it or not, the world respects power and dedication. A few years back, Venezuela’s dictator, Hugo Chavez, had a chance to align his country with the US. Instead he joined up with Cuba and Communism. His country is altogether shambles today. Walk and wield that big stick softly, President Trump!

President Trump has done the unimaginable as far as the Obama administration goes in that President Trump brought nuclear power North Korea to the bargaining desk. Whether or not North Korea will certainly reduce its threat level remains to be observed. But, President Trump is the first American President to forge one-on-one-talks with the North Korean leadership.

President Trump has open modern sports activities organizations as anti-American racists. The President has discussed jerks like Colin Kaepernick who show disdain for police officers while he shows support for criminals and communist dictators like Cuba’s Castro. Sports teams who win championships always get invited to go to the White House. While they all liked heading when a darker-skinned man sat in the oval office there, they refused to even show respect for the office that President Trump resides there now. I think everybody knows why.

I for just one no longer watch sports. President Trump has uncovered the ‘entertainment’ world as a mainly pathetic bunch of whining, childish, ignorant, judgmental, self-righteous, hypocritical, condescending clowns who generate income pretending to be someone else. They provide their get better at well. President Trump has finally revealed the Democratic Party because of its true personal. By endorsing the murder of newly born babies (their ‘abortion’ view), a moral person can only conclude that allegiance to the party is allegiance to Satan.

Satan requires bloodstream sacrifice. Our Bible told us that he’d eventually reveal himself. President Trump’s accomplishments are greater considering the Democrats even, the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, and perverted media have all sought to destroy the Trump presidency. Also worth mentioning is President Trump having to cope with possibly the biggest traitor in American history, his AG Jeff Sessions. President Jackson experienced, day in his, similar foes who worked well vociferously against him. Genius is recognized in today’s never. Van Gogh supposedly only sold one painting in his lifetime. Rodin was double rejected from artwork college. Einstein was relegated to working as a clerk in a patent’s office.

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