I am always daring as it pertains to makeup products, and I have finished the eyeliner I purchased in Thailand in March just, so about 4 months. THEREFORE I was looking for a new one, and it is here, Za Liner for eyes Ever. It’s been like a week I have already been using it, this right time I purchased black, not brown, and was thinking whether this color would make my eyes look bigger.

Um. I assume it creates my eyes look brighter than the brown color. It doesn’t have a cap, so it is good because I don’t have to worry of shedding it while putting my eyeliner on (on the bus/teach). Yes, I mostly do my makeup on public transport :P. Anyway, you just need to show the top (the transparent part of the photo) of the pen then the eyeliner will come out, convenient!

And I also like the color of the eyeliner itself, white, simple, and clean. For the texture, it is rather easy to apply, it doesn’t require a back and forth drawing for the color to stand out, just basically one stroke is enough. I am lovin’ it. I still remember the first eyeliner I had formed, I have to re-draw, and re-draw to truly have a nice solid color, so much work. And this the first is so easier. Any eyeliner you recommend to everyone?

Sonja attempts to bodily stop Ling and Hua but they disregard her. Hua is lying on to the floor in a pool of light. Ling requires the sack off Hua’s head. Sonja pieces from stage back. I can’t get any tea for you. LING They gave me a few minutes with you. LING You was a sensation. LING “We must continue to live.

We shall go on living, Uncle Vanya. Hua has a coughing fit. Hua winces in pain. HUA You know-what I’d love? An emotional Ling doesn’t move. LING That people used to sing? And with much difficulty Slowly, Ling sings very slowly and softly. Ling is about to cry but restrains her emotions.

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She appears up into the balcony. LING Someone help get him off me! The class enemy is lifeless! As within the last scene, Hua’s lifeless person is lying on top of Ling. LING Did you properly spell my name? ‘ve become all the known facts. LING I wish to be clear.

= $ =p> you are wished by me. Hua gets up and exits gradually. SONJA Nonetheless it was murder. SONJA In the event that you say so. LING I had taken flight. Lives and art were meaninglessly demolished! And it was all a mistake! LING I had not been responsible! I had to take action! SONJA Even at the expense of your father’s life!

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