I know she doesn’t indicate MY social so I give her the last four numbers of mom’s. As I up hung, I think she was saying something about me being randomly chosen for a short phone survey, but I pretend I don’t hear. As soon as I get a dialtone again, I press redial.

I go through the EXACT same exchange as the one I had moments before with Hilda, except this time I’m smarter. I PRETEND I AM MY MOTHER and Bertha is all too pleased to give me the info I am seeking. 795, all wagers are off because you can not apply factors as partial payment. Bertha asks if I would like to be connected with their travel department. I ask if I must make arrangements through them, she says no, and we end our conversation. Next, I visit how much seat tickets are going to cost online.

  1. 1995 1,124,300 62 697,066 427,234 -5.0
  2. Enrolled Actuaries
  3. Minimal reporting requirements
  4. Executive Recruiter
  5. Time and cost objectives
  6. Duplexing and triplexing (doubling or tripling the card’s width to make it thicker)

922 from Chicago. OK, Capital One factors are not going to work. I next check out fares from Chicago to Dresden and from Budapest back to Chicago. 1,084 – not bad and then we won’t need to get ourselves back again to Dresden (which is not a direct air travel from ANYWHERE) Just for the heck of it, I check what upgradable tickets shall cost. 2,800 per person, plus 60,000 miles per person to upgrade to business class. Mom and I again are out of good luck. Although my husband and I have accrued thousands of miles over the entire years, we are extremely low after our recent visit to Australia.

One more thing before I call mom back – let’s observe how much it is to PURCHASE business class chairs. 5,800 PER TICKET. Time for you to call mom with some options. Mom down puts the telephone, yells from across the room that she can’t find the remote. Yells again that she’ll manually change it off. Yells ONE MORE TIME to ask where in fact the off button is on her TV. I QUICKLY hear her laughing and she is back at risk. It is the third week of July. We are supposedly leaving for this trip in six weeks and we STILL haven’t any PLANS.

Strategy should determine the creation of anti-crap, however the absence of strategy, or the failure to live out strategy, ensures the production of crap. In mixture with strategy, inputs are another factor that should steer firms away from crap. Inputs, in cases like this ideas and insights about customer needs, should give clear signals to companies about what to generate that is truly valuable, interesting and unique.

In fact, many ideas and insights do provide these indicators. The problem is that lots of businesses have success filters that knock down ideas or reject insights that don’t align with the existing thinking and models and processes the business has codified. While a huge selection of interesting and valuable ideas are created every day, inevitably almost all are declined because they don’t really align to the craptastic models and procedures we’ve perfected.

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