WellBiz Brands, Inc., a franchise collection company operating three unique health and fitness brands – Elements Massage, Fitness Together and FIT36 – announces it offers acquired the Amazing Lash Studio franchise brand. Amazing Lash Studio, the leading service provider of affordable eyelash extensions, was founded in 2010 2010 and works over 200 franchise locations in 33 says. Amazing Lash Studios is retail salons that apply semi-permanent eyelash extensions with a proprietary, copyrighted process to the client’s own lashes, replicating the scale and curve of natural lashes. 5 on their 2018 Top New Franchises list.

260 on the Inc. List of America’s 500 Fastest-Growing companies. “I am excited to welcome the Amazing Lash Studio brand, franchise support and owner’s team to the WellBiz Brands portfolio of companies,” said WellBiz Brands Executive Chairman Joe Luongo. Amazing Lash Studio, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, will be led by Chief Executive Officer Heather Elrod.

Elrod joined Amazing Lash Studio as Chief Operations Officer in June 2016 and brings 25 years of beauty and franchise experience to the WellBiz Brands’ leadership team. Elrod states, “I’m excited for Amazing Lash Studio to be signing up for the WellBiz Brands’ profile. WellBiz Brands, a leader in the health and fitness and health industry, was included on the Inc lately. 5000 lists. The acquisition of Amazing Lash Studio strengthens WellBiz Brands position by adding beauty with their growing health and fitness portfolio. With its robust shared services infrastructure and platform, WellBiz Brands is uniquely qualified to serve the growing needs of the health-conscious consumer and will continue to go after opportunities that leverage this strength.

To support on-going development, the company has invested in its command, making a management team with experience from many respectable and diverse consumer companies. Piper Jaffray served as financial advisor to WellBiz Brands on the transaction. Within the acquisition, Golub Capital provided WellBiz Brands funding through a new credit facility to invest in both this purchase and future development.

Zantrex 3 does really give you a little of jitters, like others mentioning just. But again, I believe I am used to people my husband gives me along with heart palpitations. THEREFORE I won’t there to complain. It gives me bouncing energy for quite some time and it gives me motivation to go walking for at least 45 min. That tackles about 2.5 miles of walk/run a day. I wasn’t a lot of an athlete at any time of my life, so now I have to take some type of stimulant to teach myself to exercise.

And it’s going surprisingly well. I make an effort to walk almost every day and if not, it’s definitely 3-5 times a week, and combined with much healthier diet, I am already down 6lbs (20 times). Diet wise, I’ve changed potatoes and pasta with salads, which, I am sure, plays a part in my success too.

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My goal is to drop 30-40lbs this year to get to my perfect weight. I am going to revise how it will go from on now. I’ve also got this book called ‘I know why you are fat’, which also helped me to change my diet. I would recommend it and will write an assessment for this later. And cellulite products are real help too in the end (Svelte Pro).

My ripples are disappearing. With a bit of fortune and persistence I should be back again to my perfect weight much sooner than the end of the year. 1 of 1 1 people found the following review helpful. Do NOT purchase this item! This item will not should have 1 superstar for me even! This product does NOT do what it claims. It is NOT healthy! I put a splitting headaches and the jitters. Do not believe the hype! I also attempted to contact the seller to return the item and received no response back again at all! I really do not recommend the product nor do I recommend purchasing out of this vendor. 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful. Well, it does a great job. Did precisely what I had purchased. It came just as I purchased. Still at the start of the bottle.

As concerns about the overall economy continue to attach, money-saving strategies take center stage. People who once paid high quality charges for private fitness center memberships and fitness trainers are actually seeking budget-friendly alternatives. Fortunately, many exist. From not-for-profit gyms to exercising at home or outdoors, frugal fitness opportunities abound. Gym memberships at not-for-profit organizations like the YWCA and YMCA are usually significantly less expensive than those at for-profit fitness centers.

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