As I sat there listening to the third guy I’d seen chatter on about risk tolerance, global money, 529K’s and ROTH IRA’s, my mind drifted to a much more pressing question: how is fitness training like controlling money? Maybe I signed several documents while I used to be daydreaming away, and one or two of them may have said something similar to “I relinquish singular ownership of all funds to the amount of money manager listed below,” but who cares?

I came up with the next really neat-o list! THINK LONG TERM. Like high-risk hedge funds, short-term diets and super-intense exercise programs may work for a while, but will eventually crash and burn. BEWARE OF THAT WHICH APPEARS TOO GOOD TO BECOME TRUE. Occasionally I get email messages that promise some amazing suggestion on some obscure stock and warranties of huge returns. There’s always a moment of “MUST I?” followed by a more cautious tone of voice that says, no real way. Look, if anyone had the perfect solution is — the real solution — to either long-term weight control OR consistently trouncing the marketplace, the “Fitness” and “Investment” section of your local Barnes and Noble would consist of exactly one book each.

  1. Bariatric Surgery and Hormonal Changes
  2. Plenty of relaxing restorative exercise like leisure walking, sauna, tai chi, etc
  3. What is a nutritionist, or a dietitian? Why must i make an appointment to see one
  4. Set a realistic goal – short and long term
  5. Sawitri’s sweatpants (and sometimes, shirt…) since I hadn’t brought enough exercise clothes
  7. Swarn makshik bhasm

And those two people would be very, very wealthy, and going swimming in Nobel Prizes. If two percent of your investment money is at Enron, and the rest in a number of other funds and securities, you wouldn’t have lost everything much. Same with fitness: working are certain to get you fitter for awhile. Then, eventually, your gains will stall, you might even harm yourself. Stave off injury and stalled progress with the addition of some stretching, some swimming, some weight training.

There’s no reason to be a one-trick pony in your fitness pursuits. Even if — maybe particularly if — you’re a competitive sportsman, blending it up is essential. THE TRUTH IS SIMPLE — IT’S NOT SEXY. I’ve got information for you: if you are reading those articles and purchasing those DVD’s, YOU ARE NOT One of these.

It’s NOT going to be possible for you. All of Cindy Crawford’s beauty secrets are sum-up-able in the following words: choose the best parents. For the rest of us, it’s a matter of applying those tiresome and practically unmarketable four phrases above. FINALLY, A TIP FOR TRAINERS: PROMISE LESS, DELIVER MORE.

The money men I noticed this week all carefully talked around my questions about how much I possibly could expect to make and exactly how soon. So I’ve learned my lesson: my new strategy with clients is that I guarantee less and make an effort to deliver more. I’ll inform litigant they can lose a pound every fourteen days; then if they lose two pounds in a week it’s a wonder and I’m some kind of magician. So maybe, maybe just, I can apply each one of these things that I’ve learned about fitness to the investment world. Then again, I’ve been looking to get a squat rack for my garage area gym.

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