At Blue Yonder, we employ state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to create vast sums of microdecisions for large retail businesses every day. Our retail products run on the Blue Yonder system that delivers all necessary services to provide best decisions to our customers. Our platform defines standard APIs for customer payload data exchange and will be offering the computational punch for our data scientists, scaling from a single CPU to hundreds of terabytes and cores of RAM within seconds. All of this happens for any customers on the same shared infrastructure hosted on Microsoft Azure. As one of the few companies worldwide, we have solved the tough problem of bringing data science to production while keeping operations and costs at bay.

Now part of the JDA family, we continue steadily to relentlessly drive creativity to pursue our vision of the autonomous supply chain. On the way, we have solved, and will solve a lot of interesting and challenging problems, and we would love to perhaps you have on board for that journey. We want for an engineer with operational experience to aid our system team in Karlsruhe, Germany. Strengthening the automation and robustness of our cloud infrastructure with failover mechanisms, monitoring, alerting, using technologies and tools such as Ansible, Prometheus and Grafana.

Experience with container orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes, Apache Mesos, Docker) and cloud environments such as Microsoft Azure or AWS. Are you very thrilled about the opportunity, but afraid to use because you aren’t checking all boxes above? Do not be shy. We can do our best to hire for potential rather than your current certification. We live for pushing artificial intelligence forward and scalable solutions.

Joining we means you can look forward to working with our people on realizing strategies and see how they operate in the resulting solutions. Mutual respect, friendly interactions and results-oriented work are an important part of the environment. We strive to be considered a family-friendly business and are available to modern working structures.

We enjoy providing the highest-quality work and like clean coding just as much as our interpersonal barbecues, adding to open source tasks, discussing new technologies and spending quality time with our family members at home. We believe that the diversity and individuality of our employees make a decisive contribution to our success. Our hiring process is dependant on profession and certification profile. We welcome applications from all motivated candidates, regardless of age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or origin.

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Something that has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years is the “lean business” or “lean startup.” The low fat business is actually a business method that gets you from idea to business as quickly as possible. In a trim business you put out what is called your “minimum practical product”.

This is your product in its most elementary form with nothing of the excess bells and whistles. That product is put by you out to a select group of people to see if they like it. If they enjoy it you can move on with that product, if they don’t you either pivot or scrap the theory all together. The trim model gives you to access market as and as cheaply as it can be fast.

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