A woman who is BEAUTIFUL, no matter her age, color, shape, or size, but because she is possessed by her life! A BOMBSHELL never lets others determine her destiny, she is a LEADER, a motivator, a LEARNER of LIFE! A BOMBSHELL’s job and exclusive purpose is to help others see and bring out their INNER BOMBSHELL! My decision to become Beachbody Trainer has Transformed my life completely!

I proceeded to go from a fresh mom who was simply lost & trapped bartending, finding myself in the SAME situation always, level broke after my expenses we paid! I reach help others make those same changes in their lives! I needed to be successful in this is MY OWN! 3 RULE – Stretch yourself beyond what you think you can handle every single day!

If you aren’t uncomfortable at least 5 times a day then there is a good chance you are not growing in the direction of your dreams! BIG things you DO Wish to accomplish in the long-term. Listen to them without considering what YOU are going to say next, really take in the emotion in their words and react with thoughtfulness!

This alone pieces you in addition to the pack! NOTHING about changing our own! You want to help others to change? Start living to the in YOUR OWN LIFE up! You can ignite passion in hundreds without having to DIM your own light ever. Because you never understand how MANY candles there are there just waiting around to be LIT by YOU out!

  1. Development of the actual product(s)
  2. “Is my site nice, orderly, pleasant to the eye?”
  3. Voice Dialing
  4. 7, the network logon password

How do you approach adapting a traditional brand into a two-way dialogue? What is your brand/reputation monitoring process (i.e. proprietary tools used, strategy, etc)? What’s your opinion on automatic sentiment evaluation? What technology do you use to assist in online monitoring? How long (normally) between a potential concern being posted online and being flagged to the client?

What level of mentions has your organization handled in the past (e.g. 2,500 mention weekly)? What’s your quality guarantee process to ensure that the large volumes of data collected in the monitoring process are dealt with efficiently and representative of the overall online discussion? What services do you provide in support of online crisis management?

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