Well, I’m back from Beauty and the Beast. I think my review can be summed up with a ‘meh’. There have been some things it better did, like offering a backstory and more character to the beast. In the cartoon Personally I think like he falls deeply in love with Belle because she is a girl and there. At least in the movie he begins to dislike her since she is a commoner, then they find things in common and actually talk to each other.

I also appreciate that Maurice was not merely the bumbling idiot that he is at the cartoon. He previously much more to him in this movie. I liked the CGI on the Beast a lot more than I thought I would. I’m a die hard make up and practical effects fan, but I was ok with the Beast. I even thought he had some real good facial expressions during his sad song close to the final end.

For me, the best parts of the movie was the comedy of Lumiere and Lefou. I think Cogsworth really got the shaft in this movie, he didn’t have too much screen time and was virtually there just to be a coward. I’m not really into the entire Marie Antoinette powdered wigs and delicate gold leaf styling, therefore I wasn’t too impressed by the beginning or end.

  • The BFG
  • Severe reactions to previous treatments,
  • Promotes Unhealthy Ideals
  • Fractionated coconut essential oil is in liquid form
  • Smile more than you weep, give more than you take, and love more than you hate

I’m still not necessarily sure what I believe about the ‘Be Our Guest’ song. Attempting to think onto it now, I just keep taking into consideration the original back. Emma Watson’s singing was just awful. Took me out of the first track. I dunotno, in the end it’s only a remake. I assume there was a bit of artistry in the new designs for Lumiere, Cogsworth etc. Most of the music were the same and most of the musical score was the same. Like I before said, there have been a few pleasant additions however in the finish you gotta compare the two 2 and there isn’t even a competition in my mind. Cartoon down wins hands. Wasn’t a negative movie, but easily want to view Beauty and the Beast again I’ll just watch the initial.

It’s such a stunning shadow that Personally I think like it’s really hard to obtain a bad look with it. I typically pair RHE with oranges or browns, even though the orange-peach shades I used this week aren’t too far from that, it’ll a little different for me still. And unsurprisingly, since RHE is a perfect peach shimmer, I loved how this look proved. Colourpop Wait For It is a cool shadow really. It’s one particular chameleon shades, and it can pull more pink or orange depending on what it’s paired with. Mostly this week with pinker tones I matched it, but the color mixture of this look really brought out its orange tones, which I cherished.

I also enjoyed how Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie performed in this look. Peach Smoothie kind of disappears on me Typically, but I really was pleased to see how it performed with the other colors in the look, and I love the simple peach between brow bone and crease. After pairing the peach tones with gold and pink tones, I needed to try something a little different. And my first thought was crimson.

African Violet is one of my favorite purples because of how much silver is within it. While that might seem as an apparent flattering color, it’s a combination that I personally haven’t come across outside of this shadow. African Violet is typically a shadow I wear when I wish to look just a little sophisticated.

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