Have you ever wondered how you can buy or sell currency pairs in force at any given time? Forex is a market that investments-non stop for 5 business days a week. Despite being truly a global event, the likelihood of finding a trader willing to produce a trade in currency pairs of our choice at any given time is really small.

And yet every single trade in forex gets completed within minutes. This happens because of the working of forex market makers. Market machine is a mediator whose job is to create a virtual market for the trader. The brief instant we place an order to buy/sell, the market maker bears out the trade, regardless of its own loss or profit.

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In forex, the set of market makers comprises investment banks, central banks, commercial banking institutions and big brokerage companies. These establishments are always standing ready with a fixed bid and ask price. A market-maker offers services in both increasing and falling market situations. How does market Maker Generate Profit? There is nothing like a free of charge service in the world. Market makers must get something from the facilities they provide.

1. Buying the securities at a price less than its selling price. 2. Selling the securities at a higher price than the buying price. Thus, in short, we can say that makers of the market, make money by taking benefit of the difference between the offer and bid prices. This bid/offer spread depends on the liquidity of the market and the transaction size.

Why do we Need Market Makers in Forex? Market-makers in forex ensure that the trade floor is always practical. They constantly update their bid/offer spread (twice in a moment), relative to the market updates. This can help on two fronts. Firstly, the investor gets a precise view of the market for making decisions.

Secondly, this ensures market liquidity and efficiency of money pairs. It is this form of marketing solution that has guaranteed the 24-hour trading system of forex. With the advent of forex market makers, players such as large multinational companies and registered money brokers have began locking horns with famous brands big investment banks in the field of forex trading. Some of the most famous currency markets makers are CMS Forex, Forex Capital Markets, and Gain Capital. They are all regulated and managed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission of USA.

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