Things have been heading well. Both my father and brother are from the medical center, many thanks, God. My dad now has about 8 weeks of recovery at home before they re-do the hip substitute. He is in very good spirits and has such a positive attitude. I respect him so much for having the strength to complete everything he has been working with without breaking down.

I started dealing with my personal trainer. She actually is just so amazing and it was such a great decision on my part. I’ll be dealing with her for 90 days. We are checking my measurements and weight every three weeks. I shared with her my connection with having weight loss surgery and my attempts of weight loss.

She was in awe of me and actually told me that I was an inspiration to her. Wow, I needed to pick my jaw off the ground. I started another page on here for most of my strength-training workouts if you’d like to follow along or at least get the benefit of an individual trainer without having to pay for it.

There’s a web link for it near the top of the web page. I’m doing things with her that has taken every ounce of courage to do in the center of the fitness center. When people use fitness trainers, others in the fitness center watch. It’s an extremely big gym, which means this isn’t easy. One time I had been doing cardio while she was training someone else and I swear every couple of eye was looking in the part where she was doing the training and watching.

Yet, I don’t let that stop me. I’ve even done lifting weights in the section where all the men with muscles do nearly all their work. What’s been interesting for me is they are not taking a look at me and mocking me for being the fat lady trying to work out (which is what I had envisioned in my mind).

Instead, they are considering me and smiling, even checking out my legs once I stand in front of the mirror focusing on my form. It has been so weird! I almost feel, dare I say, normal. I also have seen the dietician at Kaiser’s Positive Choice middle, which is part of something I can utilize after surgery for help with my dietary needs.

  • It only cost a good couple of walking shoes and comfortable clothes
  • 3 ribs celery, sliced up
  • 8 oz. Vanilla Soy Milk (any milk can do)

I just have been feeling vulnerable and lightheaded. I wanted to make sure that I was doing the right things for my own body with the increased exercise. When I out work, I’m burning up about 900-1100 calorie consumption each day with just exercise. A day Given I had been eating 800 calorie consumption, it makes so much sense that I was feeling the real way I was.

The dietician told me that 800 calories from fat a day is simply not enough for a person that exercises as vigorously as I am. He does a mathematical calculation based on how many calorie consumption is in proteins and what I was taking in each day. He told me to increase my calories to 1200 per day instead of the 800 my bariatric surgeon recommended.

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