In this interview with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable, Jayant Bhandari presents his world view and discusses how it meshes with investment in the valuable metals markets. Maurice Jackson: Joining us for a conversation is Jayant Bhandari, the founder of the world-renowned Capitalism and Morality seminar, and a sought-out advisor to institutional traders highly. Mr. Bhandari, pleasant to the show, sir. Jayant Bhandari: Thank you very much for having me, Maurice. Maurice Jackson: Always pleased to perhaps you have on our program, sir.

We have a number of topics to handle that is essential for members of our audience to understand that may have an impact on the investment decisions. I’d like to begin our conversation by addressing geopolitics in regions of the world that many investors and the ones in the press identify as growing economies. However in previous interviews you’ve pointed out that these are not emerging economies but they’re UNDER-DEVELOPED economies, plus they shall remain Third World economies. Let’s began in Latin America and go to Venezuela.

What has your attention there and why? Jayant Bhandari: What’s taking place in Venezuela is that that country is imploding, as are many countries in the Third World. Actually, all UNDER-DEVELOPED countries that I could think of are imploding, Maurice. The only exception is China. What happened with Venezuela is something nearly the same as what happened in the Middle East. These public people became very wealthy as a consequence of finding oil. Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. Maurice Jackson: How do you see the occasions unfolding in Venezuela? Do you observe the program change? And if so, will that mean that socialism leaves?

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Jayant Bhandari: No, that won’t happen. People erroneously task their good views on protests that happen in the roads. So the problem, Maurice, is that socialism doesn’t add up. There is nothing like free stuff. Someone must produce wealth to give it for you and a period must come when all this excess wealth will have got used up.

That is exactly what happened in Venezuela and these people now have no option but to keep to become poor. Maduro can go, and the new program will come in but don’t expect anything to really change in a very material way in Venezuela. This country will implode because that’s where their thinking will take them.

Jayant Bhandari: Absolutely, Maurice. When you wish ahead protect your prosperity heading, one of the best ways to safeguard it is to apply precious metals. Precious gems and metals do not perish, deteriorate, or fall apart with time, and they become good ways to be used as currencies when the time comes for you. And they have been, historically, very good ways to safeguard your wealth. In a situation where the society is going into a chaos, property prices apart fall. They don’t add to their value as time passes.

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