Confused about which credits and deductions you can claim on your 2013 tax return? You’re not alone. Listed below are six taxes breaks that you won’t want to neglect. If you bought a big-ticket item like a motor car or boat in 2013, it could be more beneficial to deduct the sales tax, but don’t forget to figure any condition taxes withheld from your salary just in case. If you’re self-employed you can include the state income paid from your estimated payments.

In addition, if you owed taxes when filing your 2012 tax come back in 2013, you can the total amount when you itemize state taxes this season on your 2013 come back. 3,000 of eligible expenses per dependent. Job search expenses are 100 percent deductible, whether you are gainfully employed or not presently working–as long when you are looking for a position in your present profession. Expenses include fees paid to join professional organizations, as well as work placement firms that you used throughout your job search. Travel to interviews is also deductible (so long as it had not been paid from your prospective employer) as is paper, envelopes, and costs associated with resumes or portfolios.

The capture is that you can only deduct expenses higher than 2 percent of your modified revenues (AGI). 2,500 in education loan interest paid by the mother or father. The deduction can be claimed even if the child will not itemize. Other deductible medical expenses that taxpayers may not be aware of include: health insurance premiums, prescription medications, co-pays, and dental care and rates. Long-term care insurance (deductible dollar amounts vary depending on age) is also deductible, as are prescription contacts, and glasses, counseling, therapy, hearing batteries and aids, dentures, oxygen, walkers, and wheelchairs.

If you’re self-employed, you may be able to deduct medical, dental, or long-term care insurance. Even better, you can deduct completely of the superior. In addition, if you pay medical health insurance premiums for a grown-up child under age group 27, you might be able to deduct them as well. 3, per year 000. To qualify however, the debt must be worthless totally, in that there is absolutely no reasonable expectation of payment. Non-business bad debts are deducted as a short-term capital reduction, subject to the capital loss limitations. You might take the deduction only in the year the debt becomes worthless.

You do not have to wait until a personal debt is because of determine whether it’s worthless. Any amount you aren’t in a position to deduct can be transported forward to lessen future tax liability. Are you getting every one of the tax credits and deductions that you will be entitled to? Why have a chance? Schedule an appointment with us today and we’ll make sure you get all of the taxes breaks you deserve.

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