The Sleeping Beauty is among most popular but also most criticised fairy stories. Although it is hard to oppose the attractiveness of the essential notion of evil fairy, curse, Prince Charming and happily ever after, we can’t disregard the passiveness of the main (title!) personality. We are able to even make a step further – her only action in the whole story is limited to exploration of the tower.

The message of brothers Grimm is fairly simple – she should stay unaggressive, wait for Mr. Right and everything will be fine. But this isn’t the only message of the complete story. Glance at the symbols of the story book about the Sleeping Beauty (in the assortment of Grimms it is titled Briar Rose) reveals a lot. Obviously this is simplified Freudian interpretation just, but we somewhere have to start. Almost every kid can identify with this character. Yes, just about everyone can understand the seemingly endless waiting for some kind of fulfilment. This is anything, from visit of Santa Claus to finding a boy friend.

Childhood and adolescence sometimes appear to be really long waiting without guaranteed results. Consultant of the paternalfather and the expert. Protector, who made a mistake and his child has to pay for it. He tries to protect the child with everything. He even orders to demolish all the spindles in the kingdom, but nothing at all will inevitably ca n’t avoid the.

On the fifteenth birthday of his girl (sixteenth or thirteenth in some versions), when the lady changes into girl, he could be absent and the danger is confronted by her in the tower alone. Every parent in he can be grasped by the world. This is a well-known symbol of home and safety.

It works and then a certain degree. It looks the wicked fairy can type in the castle whenever she wants and being big as castles often are, it can conceal unstable hazards also. Remember castles have some of the most dark jails too! It symbolizes life. Sleeping Beauty hurts her hand with a spindle and falls asleep. She will eventually be fine, but her rescuers who attempted to get into the castle weren’t so lucky.

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They all passed away in great aches. This part was invented by brothers Grimm and they added it to make the tale more interesting probably. In old versions some baggage was brought by the prince with him. In some cases this means a jealous and revengeful wife (!), in others a wicked mother in law (who’s a man eating ogress!).

Brothers Grimm didn’t like these parts, so they cut them out and added some action on thorns simply. But still the blood on the spindle is probably the most important of all. This is associated with fer first menstrual blood or with losing the virginity. It is vital to notice the spindle is directed at her by old woman who symbolically goes by her new life with all the curses it has.

We can securely conclude Sleeping Beauty can be read as the storyplot about growing up aches and pains. It has very simple message: no matter whether you get the feeling everybody around are living full life and you are just waiting. Some things just need time and one day you can still find a partner, true love, exactly like we already said, some type or kind of fulfilment. In some cases waiting could possibly be the best thing you can certainly do.

After all, even the Prince Charming didn’t do anything special. He was in the right time in the right place just. I have already mentioned older stories where prince has some kind of background. Generally he could be already married. This doesn’t stop him to start a relationship with a Sleeping Beauty.

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