Reasons why to love Natural aesthetic brands? Because they use natural and earth-friendly (as well as skin-friendly) ingredients. I recently crossed by 100% Pure makeup products’ website and found it interesting & interesting! If you’re unfamiliar with 100% Pure makeup products, they have tons of natural products, from makeup products to body lotions, body washes Plus they just launched their own skin care brand.

And it’s all with natural ingredients. And not only that, however they use Fruit pigments! If you read some of my previous & posts back when I started the blog early, you’ll know I tend not to use many products when it comes to skin care. I always opt for the do-it-yourself solutions & quick fixes like drying cream. But since it’s 100% natural, I think I would sometime give it a try. Like I mentioned previously they sell natural cosmetics.

Well for just one, my everyday makeup are the basics: mineral, natural powder (, or tinted moisturizer), mascara, & gloss. And that is it. Sometimes I’d add eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc. But in brief, that is my basic makeup set. So far I’ve been keeping the same basic makeup products. However now, I just HAVE to discuss my new top 3 faves!

Since I’ve very fair pores and skin, I always go for a more tan-ish kind of firmness in Tinted Moisturizers, a shade that’s simply tad bit better than mine. Or else, I’ll appear to be the vampires from Twilight. We all know It’s tough obtaining a good foundation these days. One that blends well, has the right complexion, good coverage, and doesn’t cause any period of time outs. 100% Pure tinted moisturizers has that flawless blending that I’m always looking for.

It correctly mixes with my complexion, and the best part is that it generally does not have that “thick part of ew” that makes you look all makes & fake, or oily even. Remember to spread it out so it can be absorbed into the skin. It has great coverage and when applied it gives off a beautiful natural shine.

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It has a good level of moisture, and it’s not scented. But If I did have to describe the scent, I’d say it’s a very light fragrance of sunscreen, the Zinc probably. It reminds me of beaches! Don’t all sunscreens do? All day long and I can scarcely feel it on my face It is maintained. Based on the ingredients, this product contains 100% 100 % natural ingredients.

This pipe is the size of a hand. From your tallest finger’s hint, to right above the wrist. A whole good deal of product in it. 32, and worthwhile! They offer pure to medium coverage. And you have many different tones to choose from. That is a MUST-HAVE. I’ve concealers beside me almost everywhere. It is and will be forever, a must-have for me personally.

This is ideal for quick fixes or whenever you need to hide a small blemish, or a red area, a scar even. Concealers are life savers at times. 100% pure Fruit Pigmented brightening Concealer with SPF 20 gives the good matte coverage. It blends in effectively without leaving a greasy or caked path, and it proceeds well with the basic foundation. It’s proficient at covering up simple blemishes such as red spots, small marks, and shadowy circles. If you want to hide big blemishes, I suggest applying a good overcoat of tinted moisturizer/basic foundation first and then apply the concealer. It lasts all day, you can barely feel it, and it’s made out of natural ingredients like almost all their products.

It doesn’t clog up pores as much as other brand-name concealers. 16. Overall, it’s a very good concealer, great to retain in hand! Like always, I save the best for last. So far, I am through TONS of mascaras. A lot more than imaginable, from drugstore to brand-name mascaras. Many of them clump the lashes, and since I have upright lashes, all I definitely care about gets that curl and size all day and never have to deal with clumpy lashes. One that’s easy to eliminate. This is actually the Fruit pigmented black color tea mascara. I take advantage of about 2-3 coats, and that is all it takes to get great results.

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