CPSA and UKCPS: originality in idea, design and execution. The problems faced by those two art societies are a similar as those faced by all other art societies the world over. American Watercolour Society’s Gold Medal this season has been produced in a permissible way from two royalty free photos posted on various sites on the Internet. Initial queries and artist’s perspective – Queries were apparently raised as early as May about the painting in question.

AWS published a notice (now released here) which declares the artist’s perspective – which is that the photographs were either copied from her website or her work was photographed while on exhibition. In August Wet Canvas -, a thread Copyright infringement at AWS? Wet Canvas Watercolor palette Forum which tries to provide an summary of what has occurred.

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Essentially the thread provides very clear visual proof the allegations being made (outdoors WC) through the images contained in the author’s first post. In summary, questions are elevated about whether (1) there has been an infringement of copyright through the musician creating the award-winning work from two photographs and (2) whether this is not an isolated instance for this designer. Shutterstock – a 37 web page thread Check out this thief is rather more precise as to concerns and seems to have originally generated the issue on stock photography website Shutterstock.

The specific allegation made is that the artist didn’t pay proper regard to the copyright of the professional photographer. More significantly, as the thread advances, the allegation reaches a further picture (a self-portrait of the community forum member/photographer, posted in the thread 6.43pm on 18.08.08) and another painting based on that. There are recommendations that other photographers are also affected.

If I alter an image, may i claim copyright to that image? You might alter a graphic and utilize it, however, you might not claim copyright to that image. Shutterstock and its suppliers continues to own all images, whether or not they have been modified. What does ‘royalty-free’ mean? “Royalty-free” is a type of a stock photo license that provides for the unlimited use of a photo in virtually any media defined in the licensing terms.

All the photos on Shutterstock are royalty-free therefore do not require an individual permit. All photos are destined by one or both of both types of licensing agreements. Where may i use Shutterstock photos? Note Shutterstock’s statement on the second option in – and note that permitted uses usually do not include art on the market and/or art posted to competitions with prizes. Important thing, if an musician uses royalty free photographs for work for competitive exhibitions/sale they need to be clear the actual licence actually says.

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