Thanks to the modern, low-profile styling by famed Italian car designer Pininfarina, the SimpleDrive Desktop USB 2.0 External Hard Drive isn’t only another external hard drive. Slick Ferrari-inspired design by Pininfarina. High-speed USB 2.0 user interface for data transfer at to 480 Mbps up. Fabrik Ultimate BackupTM for 2 GB of free secure online storage.

The SimpleDrive was designed Pininfarina of Ferrari fame. Get accustomed to the staring whenever your colleagues visit your table. This compact and elegant pearl white drive is really as much a bit of fine art as a piece of strong hardware. But don’t let the looks fool you. Beneath its cool and smooth outside is a sturdy, high-capacity, single-drive solution that gives you the capability to store and backup a great deal of music, videos, photos, and documents in a little footprint. Featuring plug-and-play simplicity, and Mac and PC compatibility, the SimpleDrive Desktop features a hi-speed USB 2.0 interface for fast transfer of data at to a 480 Mb/sec data transfer rate up.

Whether you want to increase the capacity of your desktop, or up your valuable files quickly and securely back, the SimpleDrive Desktop shall perform for you with style. A built-in Kensington security lock lets you lock down your drive while you’re away, and an integral capacity meter keeps you up to date with your storage situation at all times. The SimpleDrive Desktop includes two backup options that will keep your mind relaxed about your important data. With the included OneClick back-up software, you have the option of either backing up and protecting all of your files and folders, or chosen ones, with an individual click, or automatically.

Either way, you should have the peace of mind knowing your digital world is safe and protected. The capacity meter shows you how much space is left at an instant look. 3.5 SimpleDrive Desktop External HARD DISK DRIVES with One-Click Backup Software, USB 2.0 Cable, AC Adapter, Resource CD, and Quick Install Guide. The SimpleDrive comes in different storage capacities for each need. All backups, to the exterior drive or online service, are unobtrusive.

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Once your initial content has uploaded, the software performs incremental backups, so only the tiniest amount of data that has been transformed or revised in your files shall be updated. To keep your content confidential and private, all files are encrypted with 128-bit SSL encryption while in transit, with a choice for a private encryption key. Fabrik’s offsite 448-little-bit Blowfish encrypted servers are housed by a lot of money 500 company, making sure file protection, peace, and security of mind. So, regardless of what happens to your drive–a curious toddler, a spilled drink, or natural disaster–your irreplaceable photos, music, videos, and files will be safe and secure both offsite and online. The SimpleDrive Desktop measures a scant 1.50 x 8.25 x 5.0 (WxLxD), is supported with a 1-year warranty, and includes free, unlimited technical support.

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