Bank or investment company of Nova Scotia. I do not own this stock of Bank or investment company of Nova Scotia (TSX-BNS, NYSE-BNS). This is one of the big banks of Canada. All our big banking institutions are dividend-growth companies. My kid owns shares in this bank or investment company. I’d expect dividends to be moderate to good with moderate dividend development over the long run.

This is a development dividend stock. The dividend produce on this stock is moderate to good. The dividend development is low to moderate. The current dividend yield is 3.86%. The historical median dividend yield is 3.92% and the 5 and 10-yr median dividend yields are 4.12% and 4.11% respectively.

The dividend development within the last 5, 10 and 15 years is 7.04%, 6.74%, and 10.78% per 12 months. This bank or investment company only stopped dividend growth in one 12 months, 2010, because of the 2008 tough economy. If you experienced bought this stock 5, 10 or 15 years ago and paid a median price, you would be earning 5.6%, 5.8%, or 12% on your original price. 67.64 and increases continuing at 7% per season, then in 5, 10 or 15 years you could be getting 5.42%, 7.60% or 10.66% dividend produce on your purchase price.

Generally Canadian banks have Dividend Payout Ratios of 40% to 55% of EPS. The corporation in 2016 acquired a Dividend Payout Ratio of 49.9% and the 5-year average is 46.4%. So this bank’s DPR is at normal variables. Shareholders did fine over the past 5 and a decade in total return. Year total return to the finish of 2016 is at 10 The 5 and 10.79% and 7.43% per yr.

The part of this total came back due to dividends is 4.25% and 3.73% per 12 months. The portion of this total came back due to capital benefits is 6.53% and 3.70% per yr. 6.31. This stock price testing suggests that the stock price is reasonable relatively, but above the median. 76.64. This stock price testing shows that the stock price is expensive relatively.

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29.18. This stock price testing shows that the stock price is relatively expensive. 76.64. This stock price assessment suggests that the stock price is relatively affordable but (somewhat) above the median. ONCE I look at analyst’s suggestions, they are extremely wide as there are Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, and Underperform Recommendations.

The consensus suggestion would be a Buy. 79.59. This implies a total return of 7.71% with 3.85% from capital benefits and 3.86% from dividends. Will Ashworth writes a fascinating article in the Motley Fool about banks going more into covered home loans at he believes the detriment of the Canadian public.

Staff at Wall Street Beacon discuss institutions increasing their ownership in this bank or investment company. Don Majors on Sports Perspectives talks about recent analysts’ rankings on this bank or investment company. See what experts are saying on Stock Chase. Monday, January 23, 2017 around 5 pm. THE LENDER of Nova Scotia is a bank or investment company. They provide personal and corporate bank and wealth management services in Canada and US, which include looking after a banking, financing, investing, credit cards, and insurance needs.

They offer mortgage loans and mutual money and they provide full service and on-line brokerage services. It is an international bank or investment company having banking in Canada plus some 40 other countries around the world in the geographic parts of the Caribbean and Central America, Mexico, Latin America, and Asia. Its website is Bank of Nova Scotia here.

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