The all-hands meeting in commercial life is no one’s favorite location as a speaker. A year off Rarely is it about providing everyone a car and; more often, it’s an effort to deliver and describe bad news, or to start fixing a company-wide problem. Therefore it was for the ride-sharing behemoth Uber in June.

Huffington: There’s lots of data that presents that when there’s one girl on the plank it’s much more likely there will be a second woman on the table. Bonderman: Actually, what it shows is that it is much more likely to be more talking. Huffington: Ohhh. Seriously, David. People in the room “aghast were,” according to one report.

Mansplaining often starts with just this interruption, and the myth that women speak too much is a centuries-old trope used to shut women up–after all, if you are told you talk too much, that is clearly a typical response. The feedback was leaked almost immediately, and Bonderman later apologized and resigned from the plank then.

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At Uber, for example, more “talking” would be an uncontestable good. A lack of communication is a major reason the ongoing company has wound up in a public turmoil. From its founding, the dysfunctional start-up had poorly articulated policies and provided little supervision and few ways for employees to take their concerns up the meals chain. Former worker Susan J. Fowler got to turn to a open public blog to record sexual harassment. What is it possible to learn from this famous, interrupted talk? Explain sexist comments aren’t acceptable: Huffington may have done more but in a sexist had been expected by the moment–who remark at a meeting on sexism?

Remember that your presence and voice are crucial, no matter how outnumbered you may be as a female. Both in this more public conference and many private ones, Huffington was the lone feminine voice battling the culture. Imagine this meeting experienced there was no feminine plank member. Audiences can’t stand the sexist treatment of women speakers.

Here’s another case where in fact the audience objected immediately (and probably leaked sound of the exchange that fast, too). Audiences have helped back up beleaguered women speakers a lot this year, and I like that trend. Leaked audio from the meeting is here, and the relevant part begins at the 6:40 tag. Try more conversations on presenting and public speaking using the Eloquent Woman. Follow our Facebook page, read great quotes from eloquent girl on Pinterest, or follow me as @dontgetcaught on Twitter. Understand how to be a much better panel moderator with The Eloquent Woman’s Guide to Moderating Panels.

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