Shalay Pierce possesses two businesses; the foremost is her makeup designer brand – Sade Monroe Makeup, the second is her clothing line – Shay’s Boss Babes Boutique. Shalay has already established a enthusiasm for beauty and the arts always. Her work has been featured at fashion shows and in numerous picture shoots.

What motivated and motivated you to begin your own business? I’ve had a enthusiasm for beauty and fashion always. I have been a make-up artist for just two years now and I felt that fashion was the next best move for my brand. When I was the makeup artist at picture shoots Even, I would always end up playing stylist as well – it just felt right.

Tell us about your business. Shay’s Boss Babes Boutique is an online women’s clothing store that has personal items that are supposed that you can have the ability to dress up for work but also dress down for happy hour. Boss women are on the move and don’t always have time to change always, so we need transitional parts.

  • Photo shoots, photo development, printing and binding costs
  • Working carefully with management to prioritise business goals and information needs
  • Commercial Paper
  • Roughly just how many Scottish Employees are symbolized by their users
  • Bundle Subscriptions
  • Division of collaboration income (or reduction)

We likewise have some clothing items that are fun for after hours. Where is your business based? My business is situated online, but I really do pop-up shops throughout the Chicagoland area. What were the first few steps you required to really get your business up and running? The first few steps I required to get my business up and running was speaking with other women business owners, getting advice on what I should concentrate on and what they wish they knew when starting out. After that, I centered on my branding and marketing, such as my logo, to build buzz and get people thinking about that which was to come.

What has been the simplest way of raising awareness of your business and getting clients? The simplest way of raising awareness for my business has been network and interpersonal press. 1. Social media reaches a complete lot of individuals and the more shares you get – the larger audience you reach!

2. Most of the social people which have helped me along the way were people that I’ve networked with! What have been your biggest challenges so far? My biggest challenge has been consistency. How did you overcome these challenges? I am conquering these challenges by having no times off. Any minute or day that I am not at the job or working, I am putting into my business to keep carefully the ball running.

I am also taking benefit of all the opportunities that present themselves. How will you keep motivated through difficult times? When a passion is got by you for something, That’s your inspiration. When times get difficult, I am still motivated because this is something that I love to do. How will you differentiate yourself from your competition? I distinguish myself from competitors by being hands on with my business and considering outside the box marketing wise. I also move in silence so nobody ever knows my next move when it comes to my business.

I came up with everything for my business from the bottom up from logo design, clothing, eyesight,etc. What’s the best advice you have received recently? The very best advice I’ve received recently is to remain consistent. People forget easily – so don’t let them. What advice do you share with other entrepreneurs? The advice I’d share with other business owners is to invest some time and don’t launch until you are feeling confident that you have everything lined up because people are viewing.

What are your preferred business tools/resources and just why? My favorite business reference is in fact the library. The library has many seminars for people that are looking to open their own business where they give you ideas and steps you would’ve never considered. I went to a lot of those seminars once i was building the building blocks for my business.

What is a good article or publication you have read recently? GirlBoss” by Sophia Amoruso. What exactly are you presently learning about for your business or looking for help with? I am currently studying ways to expand my business and another direction to consider. What are your goals for the next few months and how are you trying to achieve them? My goals for the next couple of months include more marketing, more photoshoots, growing my business, and investment in partnerships. I am also adding the long size plus anticipated clothing section to my website so I’m excited about that. What social media outlets do you utilize?

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