If you are an aspiring writer, finding an agent may seem like one of the twelve labors of Hercules. Chances are, if you have already sent off a few dozen queries and then receive generic rejections or, worse even, no reply in any way, you are feeling hopeless. A couple of agents who want for you! Often, these are young providers who have joined up with a literary company and are building their customer list recently. Listed below are three agents who are actively seeking clients.

Make sure you read their full bios and check out their agency’s submission suggestions before sending a query. Roz Foster is actively seeking serious nonfiction as well as sci-fi, mysteries, thrillers, and multi-cultural fiction. Sarah Younger is thinking about representing all varieties of Romance specifically, Women’s Fiction, Mysteries, Thrillers, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and select Non-Fiction. Bridget Smith is interested in middle grade and young adult books in a variety of genres, including fantasy and technology fiction, historical fiction, love, and modern, plus whatever bends the rules of genre. She actually is seeking books by underrepresented voices actively. She is alsoseeking fiction for adults, fantasy and science fiction especially, historical fiction, and literary/upmarket women’s fiction.

If these brokers don’t work for you, you can find a comprehensive set of new and founded real estate agents seeking clients here: Agents Seeking Clients. Bridget graduated from Brown University in 2010 2010. While there, she examined anthropology and archaeology, worked as a radio DJ, fenced on the varsity team, and helped design a test that she performed in microgravity at NASA later.

What she actually is seeking: Roz specializes in serious nonfiction in the areas of background, politics, and current affairs. She’s also thinking about technology, business, sociology, cultural studies, metropolitan studies, science, design, and memoir. She searches for driven, narrative storytelling and big, bold ideas with national, and international, appeal. She’s also thinking about adult literary and commercial fiction and is positively looking for criminal offense/mystery/thriller, contemporary, literary and multi-cultural sci-fi. She looks for fiction with a resonant, lively voice; wealthy, irresistible language; individuals with compelling development arcs;, and a mastery of dramatic framework.

How to submit: Fiction: Please send a query letter, a 1-page synopsis, a short bio (including a description of your publishing history), and the first 10-15 web pages of your manuscript. Please, send all items in the physical body of the e-mail, much less an attachment. Non-fiction: Please send a query letter and your reserve proposal.

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Sarah Younger is specifically interested in representing all varieties of Romance, Women’s Fiction, Mysteries, Thrillers, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and choose Non-Fiction. For romance she is thinking about the next genres: Contemporary, Historical, Western, Sports, Regency, Inspirational, Category, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Suspense, and any mixture thereof. For women’s fiction Sarah is drawn to layered stories that don’t shy from the realities, and difficulties often, of life.

She particularly likes women’s fiction that has combination generational plotlines, and as always significant pet character types are an advantage along with happy endings. For non-fiction projects she would love to see anything involving animals, specifically inspirational equine stories, and she also is a devoted sports fan and would like to see more athletic narratives in her queries.

How to send: At this time the Nancy Yost Literary Agency only accepts inquiries through the Query Manager system. For fiction and narrative nonfiction, please include a query letter, that ought to include a short overview of assembling your project, previous publications, if any, and any relevant information about you, along with test materials. For prescriptive nonfiction, please send a query notice, and sample materials which should include a synopsis, table of contents, information regarding your platform, and sample chapter.

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