I found these very interesting – it’s a series on the idea of your time that relies heavily on physics, which is nice. Here are parts one, two, and three. This is William Lane Craig talking about the “tensed theory of your time”. This is basically about how we divide time into “tenses” – history, present, and future.

What constitutes the “present”, exactly. I had been surprised to discover Evan isn’t particularly impressed with William Lane Craig. A whole semester of lectures on Heidegger by Hubert Dreyfus, who Perhaps is considering the world’s most important expert on Heidegger (certainly one of them at least). I haven’t listened to this in any way yet, but I have noticed other interviews of Dreyfus about Heidegger. So eat your heart out – I envision the only way to get a more comprehensive treatment would be to read Heidegger’s Being and Time yourself.

I speculate, I’ll say here that one of things that needs me most about Heidegger is how he makes temporality central to the truth, and the applications this might have to public or political viewpoint. A lot of Anglo-American political philosophers take a “de-temporalized” view – Anglo-American philosophy is notoriously de-contextualized generally. With regard to political beliefs, think of a Hobbesian condition of nature or a Rawlsian “veil of ignorance”.

There is no (1.) temporal framework, and more importantly if you ask me no (2.) reputation of the need for political and interpersonal institutions for deliberately creating another. Society is or should be classic for the majority of these Anglo-American conceptualizations. Heidegger is nice because he breaks out of this: history is important and intentions for the future are important. A Keynes quotation I’ve always liked time: “The interpersonal object of skilled investment should be to defeat the dark makes of your time and ignorance which envelope our future”. Keynes’s system would depend on doubt about the future, which causes fluctuations in liquidity preference and the propensity to invest.

A Scientific American piece about why we experience time in one direction. This is a one-pager I had written around Thanksgiving about space-time and value theory. Very speculative – type of “why do we think about things in this way” piece. Nothing came of it and I’m speculating nothing at all will. Finally, it’s worth noting another reason why time has been on my brain recently – I’m taking a partial differential equations course this Spring (starting next week actually), so time will most likely there appear a lot. Differential equations can be used to model dynamic systems of variables: in other words, the interaction and behavior of variables over time. One of the most classic dynamic systems to model, for example, is the Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model, where you look at the oscillation of something similar to the rabbit population and the fox population as time passes.

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