The other day I started a fresh blog that has but one purpose: to create sales for the PerfumersWorld Foundation Course which I sell within my PerfumeProjects website. I began the Learning TO CREATE Perfume blog out of my stress in trying to explain the building blocks Course to the people. This was the course that got me was only available in perfumery, creating fragrances of my own, as opposed to selling fragrances I had formed made using perfume compounds created by others, which, of course, is exactly what all the major perfume marketers do. The companies that actually create perfume are absolutely unidentified to the consuming open public.

My background is within advertising – writing advertising – and in times of yore, it would simply be a matter of preparing some magazine ads, catalogs, and mailing pieces and sending them out. All would bring the same basic (tested) sales pitches. Only the formatting and copy cuts would differentiate on advertisement from another in a variety of media.

My new blog was NOT created by sell my perfumes. I QUICKLY thought about it. I do on my FrankBush website. As I proved helpful to build up blog messages for the building blocks Course, it became clear if you ask me that same blog might help me sell my very own perfume also. I’m writing this post to share that thought with you.

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We both know a good review for your fragrance in a significant magazine will help sales. But, if you are only bottling a few hundred containers of perfume a season and cannot afford fancy, custom bottles and expensive gorgeously, decorative boxes, the odds of your getting an important review are near to zero. And that means you can’t expect others to offer those great, sales spinning reviews. But by blogging, it could be done by you yourself.

Look as of this blog – my first. It is established by me up in about five minutes. It’s hosted by Google’s Blogger, which is currently free. So the cost isn’t an obstacle to blogging. Someday this may change but I wish to make hay while the sun is shining! A blog needs content. But also for years I’ve earned my living as a writer. Give me a pen and paper and I write. So content is not a problem.

But – here’s my real problem – I’m not very good about writing about my own masterpieces! Actually, I’m of low quality at writing about perfume at all. I love it. With a bit of training and practice my nose can distinguish between two closely similar notes. I believe in perfume – the way aromatherapy people believe – other than I love all the aroma materials that can be used in perfumery, natural, or elsewhere. I love the stunning, kaleidoscopic aroma of ylang ylang.

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