One of Palau’s traditional delicacies is the mangrove crab, Scylla serrata, or locally known as “chemang.” The demand for mangrove crab surged in recent years due to the significant upsurge in people to Palau. As more hotels and restaurants sold mangrove crab to the tourists, the local demand to satisfy filial rites and tradition also increased.

Mr. Hubert Lemon is a humble man who lives in Ngersuul, Ngchesar – located on the eastern coast of Babeldaob. Oct 2016 Hubert first contacted Palau SBDC in past due, requesting technical assist with complete his aquaculture application for the loan to begin a mangrove crab farm. When Hubert showed up for his initial counseling program, he brought a rough draft of his business plan and a notice of support from the State Governor displaying support for the aquaculture project. Palau SBDC accepted Hubert’s demand since he and his aquaculture business qualified for the free one-on-one guidance sessions.

Hubert Lemong was motivated to begin his mangrove crab plantation from the initiatives founded by the State Government of Ngchesar to advertise aquaculture projects. Although Hubert is a newbie crab farmer still, Hubert is getting additional the help of experts in the field: PCC-CRE Multi-Species Marine Hatchery, business management assistance from Palau SBDC, and support from the community and leaders of Ngchesar condition. Palau SBDC provided assistance in helping Hubert develop financial projections to help him understand the cost structure of the aquaculture project.

Once the loan application deal was complete, Hubert posted it to the National Development Bank of Palau. According to Hubert, the procedure was easier than he previously expected because his program was complete and possible for the lender to understand. Hubert was able to get an unsecured aquaculture loan to launch the mangrove crab plantation business.

During this preliminary year of procedure, Hubert has taken to be aware of the lessons he previously discovered from the daily procedures, from talking to fellow aquaculture farmers, and communications with PCC-CRE. Hubert launched milkfish into the ponds, this year but because of the drought-like conditions Palau is experiencing, many of the fingerlings could not survive the heat.

Hubert admits he sometimes experienced discouraged in the first month or two during the development phase because he could not easily start to see the small crabs in the farm. Which the crabs are much bigger Now, the crabs can be seen by him moving in the water or basking on the mini-islands spread in the pond. Hubert plans to excavate one side of his pond deeper to permit the animals to get cooler waters during severe low tides and high temperatures. To ensure the safety and security of the plantation assets, Hubert has even built a little home on the farm and integrated a small garden to support him and his mangrove crabs.

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In the long run, Hubert desires to expand his farm and create up to three binding systems to have a staggered supply of mangrove crabs and milkfish. Hubert is also studying shrimp farming because the programs to include shrimp into his aquaculture plantation in Ngersuul, Ngchesar. When Hubert was asked, “What advice could you give to others who want to start a business at the moment?

Talk about the elephant in the area, but ensure the conversation is being shifted by one to a solution. As ideas of why something won’t work are raised, ask what will work. Set the example. Always task a sense of relaxed and optimism that will help you find a solution.

Remember, you don’t need to away have the answer right. Simply have the mindset and attitude that highlight that a solution will be found. Inside your planning efforts, you’ve likely identified possible issues and potential solutions. Get back into this way of thinking and work on the next one. Do this today: When offered another problem don’t react, respond.

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