I love St.Germain as it is obnoxious slightly. Great info. I mix it with vino and rebel. I’m jealous they are all such pretty colors, but I’m so pleased to see a swatch of Pink Friday finally! You should check out All Styled Up it is rather similar to Pink Friday.

It may be a little lighter though! You sound like me! Gotta love those baby pinks! I know a lot of individuals were curious to see what it looked like. I will take a look. Great post. In my mind I just couldn’t do Pink Friday. It scares me, and I really like colors.

Snob is my favorite though. So glad I found your site! I remember seeing your looks on Specktra a while back and always admired how beautiful you wear your makeup, you are a great MUA! Getting excited about seeing more entries from you. I understand. You should do what works for you. Many thanks a lot Rita!

It’s not even funny how much stuff I’ve defer that really, really needs tending to. And have I mentioned I haven’t really read anything in like 8 weeks? My big plans of trying to catch through to EVERYTHING in July crumbled into me trying to maintain with life with one hand and enter BT with the other, while the rest dropped by the wayside. And who understands, I may press in writing a Sleeping Beauty novella amid all that.

Okay, okay. Kidding Mostly! But beside me you honestly never know. I didn’t mean to write a Burning Thorns novel anytime soon and here we are. Oct I’ll be thrust back in the writing life and begin planning NaNo Then. Can we talk about how close it’s starting to feel already? How is NaNo so CLOSE? Actually, let’s not discuss it.

  • A wetness barrier or skin sealant may be applied over the natural powder
  • Apply the cleaning soap to that person making use of your fingertips in a round movement
  • Try Other Detergents and Skin Care Products
  • Your CA Privacy Rights
  • Women spend the average $144 a 12 months on beauty
  • Use as therapeutic massage oil or baby oil

After NaNo, another break in January I’ll be starting the Burning Thorns record once again and jump into and then. Scary, I know. But that’s the program. Watch it crack and shatter, but also for I’m sticking to it now. Long story short (real long story apparently, good grief): I FINISHED BURNING THORNS AND AM FLOATING ON AIR AT THIS TIME. That’s quite talk from me enough. I want to hear about you! Did you do CampNaNo (I assume I accidentally did two mini ones in June and July however, not officially)? If not, in July what have you been up to? Annnd, what’s your plans for August?

Who do you consider seems most likely to trust God’s given him the just do it? Folks are so stunned when they find out I am Protestant. I simply continue and make an effort to do a much better job following that. I think merely do something incorrect, I think, I try and make it right just.

I don’t bring God into that picture. What I trust is that we need a significantly transformed taxation system. And the one that I’ve advocated is dependant on tithing, because I think God is a fairly fair guy. And he said, you understand, if I am given by you a tithe, no matter how much you make. If you’ve had a bumper crop, you do not owe me triple tithes. And if you have had no plants at all, you do not owe me no tithes.

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