You’re noticing the advertisements because your cookies/cyber footprint is most likely making you a target. If you visit their site simply, they can focus on your device/IP and market to you nonstop. This is a robust tool for companies who wish to close a deal, particularly when someone spent 15 minutes looking at a group of watches.

You don’t even need to visit their site, if you have a craze of googling Rolex sellers, they can also target you through that as well. I’m actually a marketer that does this and remarketing/retargeting doesn’t quite work like you’re suggesting. To be able to remarket to a consumer you have 2 options.

The consumer has been to some part of a page you control with a matching platform pixel. This means it’s rather a website landing page or your own website and if you are using Google then it will need to have a google remarketing pixel. Same with Facebook, the web page must have a remarketing pixel to utilize it.

In this example the pixel fires a cookie and it remains on your pc for a very long time. You can clear your cookies, though. You can focus on people through their email address. Sadly, this is true. EASILY have your email I can build a custom audience on Facebook and retarget you.

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On Google I would have the ability to retarget your when you search only, but it can be for unrelated conditions. In this situation you either signed up for something or your email was found and put into a list. The final example being extremely unprofessional. On Facebook it’s only on the FB platform (FB/IG), but on Google it reaches an incredible number of websites.

It’s a very powerful tool so you can get buyers back the sales funnel, and you have so many different ways to filter a person. Without getting too in-depth you can see why marketers use remarketing and exactly how it’s associated to you specifically. On both Google and Facebook ads you only have to report the ad to never see it again.

Click the statement link on FB or the X on Google Ads and describe why you don’t like it. This sort of responses works fast extremely, not limited to you but for everyone. So don’t believe reporting advertisements doesn’t matter since it does. Only if 5 people reported an ad it might get turn off easily, even less sometimes.

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