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So, –a rest disorder, treated with a life saving device easily? No problem. I had a chat before and I slept wonderfully for a long time, despite my 500-pound body. It’s time to feel rested at 229 or whatever I am now. I haven’t weighed in over a month. I must do it again real soon!

I’ll tell you this–I kind of feel just like I may have gained a pound or two. A number of the pictures from my Lose To Win speaking engagement on the 13th were significantly less than flattering. You’ll see. Oh, –I’m so hard on myself, because really–compared to where I am, it’s all good.

But the denims I selected that night–I didn’t like the fit. Now–when I say that I still have work to do–The individuals who send me text messages informing me I don’t, might concur. Some of it’s the loose epidermis factor, but seriously—honestly–I could stand to lose another 15 pounds at least.

Maybe even 20. Not necessarily in my chest muscles, however in my lower absolutely. The pictures will show. And the video that’s arriving will too. I swear–I’m not crazy, or obsessed, my friend! I’m just brutally honest with myself as it pertains to these issues. I’m also very comfortable and self-confident, and that’s something I’ve never experienced, now ever–before.

I’m eating around 1800 calories from fat per day. Some days less, others a less. It’s a very relaxed approach. I still haven’t revved up my workout routines. Wow, –that’s been a running theme with this blog, huh? After 853 days, I’m still talking about needing to “amp up” my workout routines. I hope that you realize, my example in the workout division isn’t rather than has been the best.

There are friends of mine that know how to workout good and hard. I could learn something or two from you! And YOU know who you are! My life feels chaotic, sometimes–as I make an effort to juggle a complete time job, write/finish this manuscript, and have a problem with severe sleep deprivation because of the area.

  • Is there a family group history of hip disease
  • Wide screen and small font ensures you can read SMS and other text messages on band itself
  • Wireless Sync via USB ANT Stick or Bluetooth Smart technology
  • 300-500 for the best results but good calorie consumption
  • Name 1 thing you miss about being a child. My carefree nature
  • 5 min warm up/powerful movement prep

But we’re getting there–slowly, but surely. Communicating my tale and weight reduction methods/viewpoint is certainly an interest. I can see how this will be my future in every way clearly. I cannot think of a better future. The feedback I get from individuals who are discovering the power within to transform, has ended the top–and it feels amazing to be engaged in a few small way.

The speaking engagement on the 13th was well received. I certainly effectively feel just like I communicated. The main focus was all about getting very real and honest with ourselves and then throwing away the rule book–simplifying the process, and focusing on the right battle. I put a tremendous time and the responses after being wonderful!

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