Since i quickly have lost 50 pounds and haven’t looked back! I had my ups and downs with reducing your weight definitely, I would fall off track but I never gave up. This past year I hit my goal weight, and boy was I clueless in what the next year would hold for me! You don’t see a lot of what people do once they get to their goal, you start to see the weight loss stories and the fit chicks that look amazing. But what goes on in between?

I know most of us want to magically appear fit and strong, having the ability to eat whatever we want after the weight is lost by us..well I guess I’ll be the bearer of bad information. That’s not reality people. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, keeping weight loss can be hard work. It is a whole different struggle from losing weight. BUT, it’s definitely doable!

I’m going to talk about my top tips to keep up weight loss! 1. Stick to a diet. Sometimes I want to inform myself, “You don’t need to be as rigid on your meal plan given that you’ve lost the weight.” WRONG. In my personal experience, my body was more forgiving during the weight reduction period when I would cheat on my food plan, compared to when I’m preserving now.

Do I have to be pretty rigorous on eating? Yes. But do Personally i think amazing in my skin and also have a crazy amount of confidence? You believe it better! If you need an awesome done-for-you meal plan, check out the IdealPlan then! 2. Training is crucial. My day to day routine now could be a little different. I really do more weight training than cardio, which is very fine beside me! I do more weight training because my goals right now is to include muscle and tone up. Strength training is fun for me and keeps me entertained!

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I usually lift 6 times weekly and do cardio maybe 3-4 times a week. Strength training retains my metabolism roaring and makes maintaining weight loss easier than easily wasn’t training whatsoever. 3. Use IdealShape products to make things easier. Although I am at my goal and keeping, Each day I still use IdealShape products! The IdealShake, IdealBars, and IdealBoost all help me keep hunger and cravings away so I can better stick to my meal plan.

They help me stay on track, keep my calories from fat in balance, and make weight maintenance easier. IdealBoost is a lifesaver for me personally. I used to be a huge soda pop drinker, evening pull now I go to IdealBoost while i am feeling the dreadful. I take advantage of the IdealShake pretty often, because sometimes life gets crazy busy and I’ve time to make a food don’t.

IdealShakes are always there! The shakes have a great deal of amazing flavors (Mint Chocolate Chip is my fav!) and are so convenient to combine up when I’m in a hurry. Plus I am kept by them full until my next meal! IdealShape Makes Maintenance Simple! As you can plainly see, these 3 tips aren’t just essential through the weight loss stage, they’re also STILL very important to maintaining weight. You don’t just quit once you’ve met your weight goal.

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