These are old articles I’ve done on another site (now dedicated to personal stuff) that you might have previously read. I simply wanted to get them onto this site as a full record. When folks have candelabras, I find they are rarely used. If they don’t have a taper candelabra, I describe an average taper candelabra – over in the corner, dusty, cheap bent or crooked candles from heat, possibly cobwebs/dust, paper underneath to capture the drips probably. Just as an example (because I don’t possess a candelabra), the picture to the right shows a penlight next to a drippy candlestick.

Peglights resuscitate the candelabra and probably move it out of the corner! 15.95 each, but I remind them that they can last permanently), they buy votes and burn up more candles (so they buy more later). Brilliant. Works at almost every other show Probably. I sell 3-5 delights at a time. And the penlight is tiny, so it ties in my bag no matter what.

Please, feel free to share your opinions here. It is my pleasure to provide this post which has been contributed by the FABULOUS Lynn McCabe. Lynn presented on the Psychology of Candles at our September Unit Meeting and we treasured every term. In case it was missed by you, is the info in prose here. Please, take a few minutes to soak it all in.

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See when you can use a few of it as you work your PartyLite magic at shows. The wonder and enchantment of the candlelit room, and the delicious experience of different textures on our skin, resonate deep in your psyche to create feelings of tranquility and wellness. The mental mechanisms that create these feelings have been unlocked by analysts, and identified as beauty, touch, scent, color, ritual, symbolism, and scarcity (to mention but a few).

PartyLite offers not only beautiful products but also the cues to activate these mechanisms to make a wonderful mental experience for our customers. The field of psychology is therefore a wealthy way to obtain information about why we love our products, and useful factoids that can be applied to the selling of our candles. Beauty has a physical effect on us.

It elevates our mood, it offers a lovely distraction from mundane thoughts and ruminations, and it motivates us to not only beautify our life, but to live it in a different way. Research support: Research has found that individuals in ‘lovely’ conditions to rate their life satisfaction as significantly higher, and behave in a far more pleasing ways socially, than those in drab’ or ‘ordinary environments. That is one of the reasons why money was invested in beautifying housing commission (council housing) estates in Britain. Beautiful surrounds have significant social consequences. We differently treat beautiful people.

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